stockThe Purple Veil - Book £9.99

Having teamed up with graphic artist Billy, here at last is the book version of Kerry's intense Poem accompanied by stunning illustrations.

If you are serious about the deeper meaning of relationships this is the book for you.


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stock Exit Darcus - Book £12.50, UK postage free

Beautiful, yet troubled runaway, Alice Delaney, trespasses onto the grounds of the ancient estate of Beulah, in an attempt to escape her external circumstances. A safe haven to relieve her inner demons proves harder to find; but the possibility of true freedom finds Alice. She meets Kes, an enigmatic young artist who is willing to bare his soul. In doing so, he shares the story of an idyllic summer spent in a beach house with friends. How could 'living the dream' cause him to vow never to go back? The answer poses another question: can Kes's brutal honesty about his own failures inspire Alice to get real with him? With its many twists, turns and layers this book is compelling reading and is powerfully unlocking.


For bulk orders, please send us a message using the contact page.


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