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Kerry Cole was born in the South West of England in Plymouth. A child of the sixties, she was greatly influenced by the creative blends of music, fashion, art and literature which helped define the popular culture of that extraordinary decade. She married Chris Cole in 1982 and together they founded the UK media organisation, Cross Rhythms. Living in a house which is nestled into a cliff, Kerry thrives on the sea air of the wild Cornish coast. She has three daughters who greatly enrich her life.



Billy (David Bill) got to work on the Purple Veil project with Kerry through a mutual love of Pre-Raphaelite art, especially John Waterhouse. Billy in his art career has been thrown out of an aeroplane with the Red Devils, taken down a salt mine with Caterpillar and worked occasionally on terra firma based projects with, among others, Aston Martin Cars, the BBC, Britannia Building Society and numerous motorcycle racers -
Billy is married to Sharon, they have three children, a poochie and 5 chickens.

In the 1960s something was released within British popular culture that came from the loins of a generation who were children during the Second World War. They knew ration books, air-raid shelters, make-do-and -mend clothes, tripe and onions and the constant fear of bombs. Journeying their teens and early adulthood through the fifties, they watched the shades of grey from the rubble of the blitz turn into the vibrant colours of the swinging sixties. Yes, those years crashed in like one long- lived party of drugs, vivacious fashion and awesome music.

It was into this that I was born; a little West Country girl trying to make sense of the world around me. Great respect must go to my parents who introduced me to the delights of Carnaby Street, Herman's Hermits, and Enid Bylton's Magic Faraway Tree. Many nights were spent around the fireplace toasting crumpets on a long fork with my dad telling us stories and mum reading poems. I guess that was where my love of art and literature was kindled.

The Purple Veil comes from both personal experience and observation. I know some of the dark places that the mind and spirit can enter whilst pursuing relationships, love and pleasure.Taking on layers of image, you can lose yourself in the fancy dress of trying to fit into the world that you find yourself in. I offer this book to my generation in the hope that they will not feel condemned by its pages, but rather, healed by its message. For it marries an agonising travail of brokenness to an all encompassing love.

Kerry Cole